Help to stop smoking

Getting help to stop smoking isn't always easy. With so many companies trying to promote their product that supposedly bring you help to stop smoking, governments saying different things, doctors telling you other things, and all manner of crazy "alternative medicines" that will allegedly help you to stop smoking.

Help to stop smoking is different. The message that this site is promoting is very simple - use will power! There must be a catch somewhere along the line I hear you shout! Well, yes and no. Using will power is the most difficult way to give up smoking, no safety blanket of chewing disgusting gum, no patches that remind you of you cravings and no stupid pen like thing that makes you look like a weirdo in public.

Help to stop smoking covers the aspects of giving up that the massive companies don't want you to hear about. The reason they won't tell you these aspects is that they can't make any money from them. The main things that equal help to stop smoking are:

  • friends = help to stop smoking
  • activities = help to stop smoking
  • hobbies = help to stop smoking
  • willpower = help to stop smoking

The website will show you the mainstream "help to stop smoking" methods but give an insight in better ways to use them.



We cover these things in the other sections on the website.

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