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Nintendo's latest offering, the wii is looking like it is going to be a complete storm.
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Nintendo's latest offering, the wii is looking like it is going to be a complete storm. Wii RPG


Wii (pronounced "we") is Nintendo's fifth home video game console and the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. On April 27, 2006, Nintendo announced that the previous name Revolution was a code name that "expressed Nintendo's direction," and that the console's official name is Wii.

The system is unique from others because the console's controller can detect its exact location and orientation in 3D space, a feature not available on any other mainstream console.

The system was unveiled at Nintendo's 2005 E³ press conference and the system's game controller was Wii RPG revealed at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata during his keynote speech in September. In an interview with Sankei Shimbun, Iwata confirmed that the Wii will be released in North America no later than Thanksgiving 2006 (November 23). Internationally, Nintendo is considering attempting a launch with no more than 14 weeks of difference between the first and last launching regions.

Nintendo has announced that more details about the system will be made public on May 9, 2006 at their E³ 2006 Press Conference.
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Nintendo's latest offering, the wii is looking like it is going to be a complete storm.
On April 27, 2006, Nintendo changed the Revolution section of their official website, http://revolution.nintendo.com, to announce the new name. Nintendo explained that "Wii sounds like 'we,' which emphasizes that the console is for everyone. Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii." Nintendo spells it Wii because the two i's represent two players gathering to play with the controller together, thus the play on the word "we."[5] The name is controversial amongst fans and has been Wii RPG discussed on many major gaming news sites, blogs, and forums.[6][7][8][9] The majority of posters on these forums and blogs dislike the name. The most common complaints are in reference to its similarity to the word wee, slang for urine, or simply that it is stupid/childish sounding. Many claim that this “stupid” name will be detrimental to Nintendo’s sales. However, some people, including some who dislike the name, point out that fads often have strange, even stupid sounding names. The main example is the iPod, which endured harsh criticism when it was first released, but nowadays few people give its name a second thought. Two examples which are less often pointed to, but are worth mentioning, are those of Jazz and Rock N’ Roll. Both of these, despite the fact they were originally slang terms referring to the act of intercourse, are now central aspects to American culture. [1] A position which is expressed on almost every thread, and rarely countered, is to simply continue referring to it as the Revolution. Advocates of this position point out the name is more appealing to English speaking gamers, has almost none of the pitfalls of the name “Wii,” and everyone already knows what the name “Revolution” is referring to. (For proof of the existence of these positions please visit just about any forum or blog dealing with the the name "Wii" such as these,
Confirmed hardware

Presented colors of the Wii skin design at E3 2005
Presented colors of the Wii skin design at E3 2005

Wii is the smallest stationary console Nintendo has ever manufactured, described by Nintendo as being "about the thickness of three standard DVD cases and only slightly longer". The console will have the ability to stand either horizontally or vertically. The front of the console features a self loading media drive which is illuminated by a blue light and will accept 12 cm Wii game discs and 8 cm GameCube game discs.[10]

When the console was unveiled at E3 2005 the console was colored black. However, at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 when the controller was revealed, promotional material depicted a white console. Nintendo has since revealed three additional colors Wii RPG (platinum, lime green, and red).


The Wii controller sets aside the traditional controller seen in other mainstream consoles in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience. The controller is shaped like a television remote control and is held with one hand. Due to its symmetrical nature, the Wii's controller is able to be used by either hand, unlike other controllers. The controller can also be rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise and used like the NES controller.
Wii controller from various angles.
Wii controller from various angles.
The "nunchaku-style" analog stick peripheral (right) attached to the main controller
The "nunchaku-style" analog stick peripheral (right) attached to the main controller

The controller is also able to sense motion; a sensor placed near the television allows the computer to sense the controller's position in three-dimensional space. Other sensors in the controller itself allow it to sense its tilt and yaw. This allows players to mimic actual game actions, such as swinging a sword or using a flashlight, instead of simply pushing buttons. An early marketing video showed actors miming such actions as fishing, cooking, drumming, conducting an orchestra, shooting a gun, sword fighting, performing dental surgery, and what seems to be, a game of Super Mario Bros. with one handed play.[11]

The controller also features an expansion port at the bottom which will allow various attachments to be added to the controller. Nintendo has revealed one of these attachments to be a unit which features an analog stick and 2 trigger buttons. It will connect to the main Wii controller via a short cord, and its appearance while connected to the main controller has led it to become dubbed "The Nunchaku". Wii RPG Nintendo has stated the aforementioned "Nunchaku" add-on may be bundled with the Wii console.

Nintendo has also announced a controller "shell" which will resemble a traditional game controller called the "Classic-Style Expansion Controller". The Wii "remote" will fit inside this shell which will allow gamers to play games using a traditional controller while retaining the "remote"'s motion sensitivity. According to Satoru Iwata, it is meant for playing "the existing games, virtual console games, and multi-platform games".[2]

Despite the controller's similarity to lightguns which are only compatible with standard-definition cathode ray tube televisions, Nintendo has stated the Wii and its controller will be compatible with all televisions including digital projectors.

Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto, before exiting the stage of Japan's 2005 Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference, stated that "there are still secrets to this controller, and these will be revealed next year."


The Wii has a flip lid which can be opened to reveal 4 ports for GameCube controllers and 2 memory card slots.

Additionally at E3 2005, Nintendo revealed that a small internal attachment (most likely a containing an MPEG decoder chip) to be sold as an add on to the console will allow the Wii to playback DVD movies. It will also have the support of the free Nintendo Wi-Fi service, now available on the DS.


Nintendo has announced that IBM has finished developing the CPU, codenamed "Broadway". IBM had previously developed the processor for Nintendo's current system, the GameCube. Nintendo has also announced that Canadian graphics card maker ATI Technologies is developing the GPU, codenamed "Hollywood", for Wii. In an interview ATI's Public Relations Manager for Consumer Products, John Swinimer, confirmed that "Hollywood" has not been developed from PC architecture but developed specifically for the Wii 'from the Wii RPG ground up'.[12]

Technical specifications
GCN Connectivity at side of Wii console
GCN Connectivity at side of Wii console

Nintendo has released very little detailed information at present concerning the technical specifications of the Wii console. According to a recent interview with Nintendo's Jim Merrick, Nintendo may never release a complete system specification.[3] Some details have however been released by Nintendo and other third parties involved with the console:

* Processors:
o IBM "Broadway" CPU
o ATI "Hollywood" GPU
* Memory:
o Unknown amount of RAM
o 512 MB built-in flash memory.[13]
* Ports and Peripherals:
o Two USB 2.0 ports.
o Support for wireless controllers.
o 4 Nintendo GameCube controller ports and 2 Nintendo GameCube memory card ports (for backward compatibility).
o Optional USB PC-compatible 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless attachment. (see Connectivity)
* Media:
o Slot-loading optical disc drive compatible with both 12 cm Wii optical discs and 8.0 cm Wii RPG GameCube optical discs (1.5 GB) as well as standard DVD discs.
o 2 Front-loading SD memory card slots.
* Built-in content ratings system:
o PEGI 3 , 7 , 12 , 16 , 18
o ESRB EC, E, E10 , T, M, and AO.
o CERO All Ages, 12 , 15 18 .
o OFLC G, PG, M, MA15
* Networking
o Wi-Fi by Broadcom
* Video:
o 480i (likely 480p)[14] and will work with a computer monitor as well as any TV.[15]
* Audio:
o 5.1 Surround Sound (possibly up to 7.1)

Backward compatibility

Nintendo has stated that Wii will be backward compatible with all GameCube software and most peripherals. The top of the console (or on the side if laid horizontally) is the GameCube docking station, featuring four controller ports and two memory card slots compatible with GameCube Memory Cards and the Nintendo GameCube Microphone. The Wii's slot-loading media drive accepts 8 cm Wii RPG GameCube discs as well as the standard 12 cm discs such as Wii games, DVDs, and CDs. This is uncommon in slot-loading media drives, which typically only accept discs of a single size.

Virtual Console

Main article: Virtual Console (Wii)

One of the most anticipated features of Wii is its game download service, dubbed the "Virtual Console." Despite other rumors, Nintendo of America expects "Virtual Console" to be the final name of the service.[16] Using this Virtual Console service, users will have the ability to download and play many or all Nintendo-produced NES/Famicom, SNES/Super Famicom, and N64 games for a small fee.[17] More notably, some games may offer free retro downloads as a bonus for the purchase.[18] Nintendo has also announced that games developed for the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx 16 consoles will be offered via the Virtual Console download service. While not all of the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx games will be offered, the "best of them" will be.[19] This gives the companies a pool of over 1000 Sega Genesis games to choose from. [20] Besides Sega and Hudson, Satoru Iwata stated that "a number of different publishers are now interested in participating in this virtual console system".[21] Moreover, while the gameplay will be the same for all of the retro titles offered via the Virtual Console, Nintendo has stated that some of the games may be improved with sharper graphics or better framerates.[22] In addition, gamers may be able to download games that were not originally released in their region, and some multiplayer games may be playable online, if it is technically possible.[23] The Virtual Console service will not be used exclusively for retro games, however. Nintendo has stated that they are interested in using the service to distribute new, original content.[16]

According to a Japanese press release, "all downloaded games will be stored on the 512 [MB] flash memory built into the system, also any USB based storage device might be able to be used.[24] To prevent illegal copying, downloaded games will feature a proprietary DRM system.[25]

Parental controls

The Wii will feature parental controls, prohibiting young viewers from viewing inappropriate content. This allows parents to set the age level of the system, and when a disc is inserted, it will read the content rating encoded on the game discs; if this rating is greater than the system's age level setting, the game will not load unless the user correctly enters a password to override the setting. For instance, a game carrying an ESRB rating of M for Mature, which is intended for those over the age of 17, will not play on a system that is set to only allow games rated E for Wii RPG Everyone (ages six and older) and EC for Early Childhood (ages three and under).

This will be found in all systems released around the world; it is confirmed that the European units will use the PEGI rating system[26], North American units will use the ESRB rating system[27], units for the Japanese market will presumably use the CERO rating system, German units will use the USK system, and Australian units will use the OFLC system.

Games and developer support


Main article: List of Nintendo Wii games

* Many games featuring Nintendo's classic franchises, such as Mario[28], The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Smash Bros., have been announced. Additionally Nintendo has announced that it is in the process of developing an entirely new and original franchise to be added into the Nintendo universe alongside the Wii (similar to the introduction of Pikmin alongside the GameCube).

* A recent interview between Game Informer and Senior VP of Nintendo, George Harrison reveals that about twenty games will be out on the release of the Wii. A third of the titles will be developed by Nintendo.[29]

* The game Red Steel has been confirmed to be released onto the Wii and several other games, such as Raid Over the River, Sadness, and Orb, are planned to be released with the system on or near the release date.
* In the June 2006 issue of Nintendo Power magazine, it was confirmed that Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam will be available exclusively for the Wii. [30]

Developer support

* Companies developing or intending to publish games for the Wii include: Activision, AQ Interactive, Artdink, Atlus, Blitz Games, Clover Studio, Crossbeam Studios Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Grasshopper Manufacture, Koei, Kojima Productions, Konami, Kuju Entertainment, Midway Games, Namco Bandai, Natsume, N-Space, Inc., NIBRIS, Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Tecmo, Pandemic Studios and THQ.
* There is a list of confirmed developers on Revolution Report.[31]

Wii unveiling

A near-final Wii console will be unveiled at Nintendo's pre-E3 press event, which is slated for 9:30 a.m. Pacific time on May 9, 2006. The venue will be the Kodak Theatre—home of the Academy Awards—in Hollywood, California.[4] Nintendo and AOL are holding a contest that will give the winner the opportunity to be the first consumer to play the Wii, on stage at the conference.[5]

Rumors and speculation


While the price of the system is not yet announced, rumors are abound. Each of the past four generations of Nintendo consoles have la at $199 (USD). This has led to speculation of a $199 launch price for the Wii as well. Due to the technology, a price of $249 is also likely. A small number of others speculate the launch price to be as low as $99 (USD) in order to undercut competition.[32]

Hardware and specifications

* Nintendo has hinted that not every major feature of Wii, and specifically its controller, has been revealed. According to Nintendo of Europe's Jim Merrick, they "have not shared everything that there is to know about the Revolution or its controller."[33]

* An Ars Technica journal entry speculates that the controller may use a combination of IR and ultrasound to function, much like some existing, similar products such as "virtual whiteboards"[34] and Nintendo's investment in Gyration, Inc.[35] may also give a clue as to some of the technology used.

* Ars Technica has also speculated that the Wii's CPU may be based on that "Xenon" chip in the Xbox 360. Since the "Broadway" chip is being developed by IBM, it is possible that it is simply a low-cost version of the Xenon, using only one or two cores instead of the three in the current Xbox.[36]

* IGN.com claims to have received information from third-party game studios regarding the hardware specifications. Among their claims:
o The Broadway CPU runs at 729MHz according to Nintendo specifications.
o The Hollywood GPU runs at 243 MHz and is actually an integrated "system-on-a-chip" that includes "GPU, DSP, I/O bridge and 3MBs of texture memory."
o The system RAM is divided into 24MB of "main" 1T-SRAM and 64MB of "external" 1T-SRAM; access speed for both banks is the same.
o The console runs on an extension of the Gamecube Gekko CPU and Flipper GPU architectures.[37]

As the CPU section of this article says that the CPU & GPU are built for the Wii from the ground up, it is unlikely that parts (or all) of this rumor are false.

* Nintendo has filed a patent for a method of playing games for older less capable systems on a more capable system.[38] It seems likely that this relates to Nintendo's 'Virtual Console'.

* Wii will have connectivity with the Nintendo DS. Nintendo Power magazine has said this is likely in its July 2005 issue. A reported interview with Shigeru Miyamoto seems to confirm this.[39]

* AMN, citing "sources close to Nintendo," claims that the "nunchaku" add-on will feature accelerometers to detect tilt. [40]

Games and developer support

* Mr. Miyamoto said in an EGM interview that he is thinking of making a Pikmin game for Wii.

* NGC Magazine claims that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, when inserted into the Wii, will utilize its native "free-hand" controller. This claim gained further support after Nintendo of Europe's interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, in which he stated, "...because Revolution can run GameCube software, when you play Twilight Princess on Revolution you can take advantage of the Revolution controller."[41]

* It has also been hinted that older games, such as Kid Icarus, will be reintroduced on Wii as well.[42]

Absence of "true" high-definition support

Online arguments commenced when Nintendo of America's Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Perrin Kaplan, announced there would be no HD support for their upcoming system. Kaplan stated beautiful graphics and innovative game play could be achieved without HD and that abstaining from the technology would help keep the cost of games down.

It has been confirmed that the Wii will support 480p (a.k.a. EDTV, currently the native output of a standard NTSC DVD), as did the GameCube (only on units made before 2003), and will not support (720p/1080i). Regardless, the support of 480p will still mean an improvement in graphics quality when properly hooked up to and viewed on an HDTV set (or any digital [non-analog] set, i.e. DTV or EDTV sets), when compared to viewing on an analog (480i-only) television set.


* A book possibly intended for university graduate recruitment entitled "The Nintendo Book" contains images of the Wii controller in various stages of developement as well as photographs of Wii case mouldings. It is a free publication possibly used for company recruitment containing amongst other things an introduction of Nintendo and its president (Satoru Iwata) and financial and sales figures for the preceding year.[43]

* Rareware titles most likely will not appear in the Wii's Virtual Console lineup depending on current licensing and Rare's permission. Except, of course, anything involving Donkey Kong Country. Diddy Kong Racing would probably not count, however.

* Animal Crossing Wii — IGN (N)
* Untitled AQ Interactive Action Game — IGN
* Untitled AQ Interactive game based on a major comic license — IGN
* The Ant Bully - 1UP (?)
* Unspecified Artdink Project(s) — AdvancedMN
* Avatar: The Last Airbender - Hollywood Reporter (O) Wii RPG



* Battalion Wars Wii — IGN
* Beijing 2008 Olympic Games — TeamXbox (O) (?)
* Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting — Planet GameCube



* Untitled Call of Duty Project — SR388 Sanctuary (?)
* Untitled Camelot RPG — IGN (N)
* Untitled Capcom Project — CVG
* Cars — IGN



* Darkness — Crossbeam Studios Entertainment Wii RPG
* The Darkness — IGN (O) (?)
* Untitled Donkey Kong project — IGN (N)
* Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 - Planetgamecube (O)



* Unspecified Eidos Projects — Revolution Report
* Elebits - IGN
* Unspecified Electronic Arts Titles — IGN (O)


* Untitled Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Project — IGN
* Untitled Free Radical/Ubisoft Action Game — Gamesindustry.biz (O) (?)



* Untitled Grasshopper Manufacture Title — IGN
* Untitled Gearbox Software Project(s) — GamerCC (?)



* Happy Feet - 1UP (?) (O)
* Untitled Harmonix Project(s) — 1UP (?)
* Untitled Hideo Kojima Project — Aussie-Nintendo.com
* Untitled Hirofumi Matsuoka Project(s) — Revolution Report (N)
* Untitled Hudson Soft Flight Game - IGN





* Untitled Katsuya Eguchi Project — British Gaming Blog (N)
* Killing Day — IGN (O) (?)
* Unspecified KOEI Title(s) — Revolution Report
* Unspecified Kuju Entertainment Title(s) — N-Sider



* The Legend of Zelda: Wii — IGN (N)



* Madagascar 2 — IGN
* Madden NFL Wii - Gamespot
* Mario Kart Wii — Revolution Report (N)
* Mario Paint Wii — Gaming Horizon (N) (?)
* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Revolution Report (O)
* Metroid Prime 3 — Revolution Report (N)
* Untitled Midway Project — GameSpot Wii RPG



* Unspecified Natsume project — IGN
* Unspecified n-Space Titles — AdvancedMN
* NiGHTS Into Dreams Sequel - IGN (?)
* Untitled Nintendo EAD Project — Game|Life (N)
* Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball — Aussie-Nintendo.com (?) (N)
* No End Soon — Gamestats (?)



* One Piece: Unlimited Adventure — Cubed3 (?)
* Orb — Crossbeam Studios Entertainment (?)



* Pilotwings Wii — Cubed3 (N) (?)
* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest — IGN (O) (?)
* Pokιmon Wii — IGN (N) (?)
* Untitled Prince of Persia Project — Revolution-Europe (O) (?)




* Unspecified Radical Entertainment project(s) — MaxHire
* Raid over the River — Revolution Report (?)
* Untitled Rayman Project — IGN
* Red Steel — Game Informer
* Unspecified Red Tribe Project — Vooks.Net



* Sadness — Revolution Report (?)
* Untitled Shaun White Snowboarding Game — GameSpot (O) (?)
* Untitled The Simpsons project(s) — AdvancedMN (O) (?)
* Untitled Soul Calibur project — IGN (?)
* Untitled Sonic The Hedgehog project — IGN (?)
* Skatto Golf Pangya Wii — Planet GameCube
* Spider-Man 3 — IGN (?)
* SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab - Planet Gamecube (O)
* Unspecified Success Coporation project(s) — Nintendo Players
* Sunder: Land of Divide — Playbomb (?)
* Super Mario 128 — IGN (N)
* Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz - SEGA.com
* Super Smash Bros. Wii — IGN (N)



* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — IGN (O) (?)
* Thorn — Crossbeam Studios Entertainment (?)
* Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam — IGN
* Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter — IGN (O) (?)
* Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent — IGN (O) (?)
* Trauma Center Wii -- IGN (?)







* Untitled Yoot Saito project — Codename Revolution


istory of video game consoles (seventh generation)
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History of…
Computer and video games
Console games

First generation
Second generation
Video game crash of 1983
Third generation
Fourth generation
Fifth generation
Sixth generation
Seventh generation
Arcade games

Golden Age of Arcade Games

The seventh generation era is a video game era in the history of computer and video games that began towards the end of 2004, but is not set to really take off until late 2006 with the release of new video game consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, the three current major console manufacturers.

For video game handhelds, the seventh generation Wii RPG began roughly with the release of Nintendo's Nintendo DS, a system based on a design fundamentally different from the Game Boy and other video game systems where the user is able to control the game through the use of a touch screen, dual screens, and voice through the built-in microphone. It was released in late 2004. Also in late 2004, Sony released their first handheld in Japan, the PlayStation Portable, which was marketed to a different crowd than the Nintendo DS. Also in 2005 was the release of the Gizmondo from Tiger Telematics and the GP2X from Gamepark Holdings.

* 1 The HD era
* 2 Video game systems
o 2.1 Video game consoles
2.1.1 Comparison of consoles
o 2.2 Major Handheld Systems
* 3 Video game franchises established
* 4 External links


The HD era

Microsoft has dubbed this era, at least for its video game console, as the high-definition (HD) era. Both consoles by Sony and Microsoft will support HD output in 720p and 1080i optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition, Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 will have support for 1080p, a higher-level HD resolution that has not yet been fully realised, however, unlike Microsoft's Xbox 360 — not every game will support HD. Every Xbox 360 game is to include a minimum standard of 720p HD. Nintendo on the other hand has said it will not support HD, with the Wii announced as only outputting in the 480p format (and possibly widescreen).

Video game systems

Video game consoles

The seventh generation of video game consoles began with the Xbox 360, Wii RPG which was released November 22, 2005. Nintendo's Wii and the PlayStation 3 are due out in 2006. The PS3 is scheduled to be released worldwide sometime during early November of this year. No specific release date has been announced for the Wii. It is said that the Wii is coming out sometime before November 20th.
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